Brand New: Broken Link Finder, PR Action Plan Builder, Labels, New Search and More!

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We’re EXCITED to be announcing all the new tools and features in JustReachOut this month! Please click on each one below to check out the video demo or just scroll down.

  1. Personalized PR Action Plan & Strategy Builder (Brand New!)
  2. Find Broken Links Based on Topic & Outreach (Brand New!)
  3. Journalist Search Better Than Google (New & Improved)
  4. Guest Posting Search & Outreach (New & Improved)
  5. Find an Ask From A Journalist You Can Answer
  6. Labels for PR Campaign Org and Filtering (Brand New!)
  7. Academy/PR Training w/ over 15+ video lessons (Brand New!)

Curious about new pricing and plans JustReachOut? Head over to our detailed pricing breakdown!

Let’s dive into specifics…

Personalized PR Action Plan & Strategy Builder

Most businesses “sort of kinds of” do PR. In other words – they do not have a specific strategy and a week by week action plan of what they need to do. Our new tool builds a personalized week by week list of tasks for you as well as gives you a prescription of which PR outreach tactics you should use.

This is a clever tool which has already received some praise from SEO gurus like Brian from Backlinko, Tim from Ahrefs and Matthew from HubSpot. Here is how it works:

  1. You input a keyword into the search
  2. We crawl the top 100 search results which rank on Google for this keyword
  3. We find broken links from these pages
  4. We record the broken links, the source URL, the target URL, the type of error, etc.
  5. We create a handy report with this information for your PR outreach
  6. Reach out to the sites listed to ask they replace their broken links with your fresh content!

Journalist Search w/ New Filters & Outreach

It’s a tall order to say you’re better than Google… but with this latest update JustReachOut now pulls search results directly from Google News and allows you to:

  • View journalist names and emails for every article
  • Filter by country, state, city, and geo region
  • Filter by website url
  • Filter by custom date range
  • Filter by title search vs. full text of the article

Submit Articles as Guest Contributor and Get Published

It’s been a long time coming…our brand new Guest Posting feature allows you to:

  • find most relevant blogs and publications based your industry
  • get their contact information
  • submit your guest posts directly to them through our pitch engine
  • Use our templates to improve your guest post submission

Search Press Opps To Find an Ask From Journalist You Can Answer

This is one of the easiest features and yet one of the most powerful for all out customers. Check out our interview with a customer and our guide on how most of our customers use this feature, it includes a very handy template you can use when answering a journalist’s ask.

Labels for Easily Filtering Your Campaign Outreach

It’s easy to get lost in all the different emails you send out. We created the new Labels functionality to help you stay organized. Here is how it works:

Academy and Training (Brand New!)

If you’ve been interested in JustReachOut but you feel like you don’t have the chops for a successful PR campaign, don’t worry!

We just incorporated a ton of my digestible and actionable strategies into the JustReachOut platform in the form of a learn-as-you-go training program.

It’s been 5 years since we launched, we’ve had 5,000+ businesses manage their PR campaign on our platform to date.

We’ve learned a lot and now we’ve decided to share it all in our brand new JRO Academy, where we share over 15 video lessons that cover topics like:  

And a whole lot more!

Give the new JustReachOut a try now!

Integrating our strategy and tactics with our product has long been a dream for us and today we’re celebrating. Yeah, we know, we’ve got a lot of work to do. But until then, help us help you.

Shoot us a note and to share your biggest struggle with gaining authority and credibility for your brand.

Dmitry & Corey

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Written by Corey McAveeney

I'm Head of Growth at JustReachOut. Our focus is on providing you with the training and tools you need to build PR relationships and increase your visibility.

10 thoughts on this article
  1. Christie Thunderberg  Reply

    So sweet, so that LinkLove tool – it looks at just top 100 search results on Google?

    • Dmitry Dragilev
      Dmitry Dragilev  Reply

      Yes precisely, we will find broken links in the top 100 ranking pages on Google for the keyword you search for.

  2. Christie Thunderberg  Reply

    Awesome, so I search any keyword, you give me a report of all broken links for this keyword on top 100 ranking pages on Google. Amazing. Can I email contacts at these sites?

    • Dmitry Dragilev
      Dmitry Dragilev  Reply

      Yup, we’ll share a report of all the broken links. We are working on on functionality for you to be able to automatically email everyone on a specific report of broken links. Coming soon! Stay tuned!

  3. Jordan Jenkens  Reply

    In the Guest Posting feature – can I email actual editors/contacts at these publications?

    • Dmitry Dragilev
      Dmitry Dragilev  Reply

      Hey Jordan, yes you can email the most relevant contact we have on file for that publication. We also have an approval team which verifies correct contact information for all the pitches as well as overall fit of the topic in your pitch with the publication.

  4. Ashley S.  Reply

    Do you provide support in terms of the pitching, specifically how to write your emails, what to pitch to journalists? I feel like I get stuck a lot coming up with new pitch angles, etc.

    • Dmitry Dragilev
      Dmitry Dragilev  Reply

      Absolutely Ashley, as you saw in the video we have a PR PRO program and a lot of resources in the platform, besides that we also have our “Guided Outreach” plan where you get a dedicated account PR strategist who works with you through weekly or biweekly calls to come up with PR pitch angles and overall strategy. At the end of the calls you get an action plan of your next tasks specifically customized to your situation and your PR goals.

  5. Kevin Morse  Reply

    Is it possible to send one email pitch to a large group of journalists through your journalist search?

    • Dmitry Dragilev
      Dmitry Dragilev  Reply

      Hey Kevin,
      Not possible, we believe in quality vs. quantity approach. Our software makes sure you personalize each and every email pitch you send to a journalist. We pre-fill our email templates for each journalist with personalized info and make sure you take time to personalize it every further.

      Check out how we guide our customers to build relationships here:

      Think of it this way- if you met that person face to face at a conference, what would you say to them?

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