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Broken Link Building Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

by | Jan 22, 2023 | 0 comments

Broken Link Building is one of the most powerful and my favorite link building strategies.

Instead of constantly asking others to backlink to you, with Broken Link Building, you are adding value to someone’s website.

Today I want to show you a brand new tool which is going to make broken backlink building a breeze. Take a peek below:



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Here are useful tips to remember from the video above:

  • focus on broken link building opportunities from the report
  • expired domains, an old resource page or and old guest post are great places to look for broken backlinks
  • a dead link in a blog post is hard to spot, it’s best to use a tool
  • make sure you have a broken link building strategy in place before starting to send outreach emails using an outreach template
  • link building outreach converts best if its focused on broken backlinks



Broken Link Email Template

Over the last 7 years since JustReachOut launched we’ve tested 4K+ different email pitch templates for open rates and positive response rates.

Here is our all time best converting template for broken link building. It’s very simple and to the point and gets an average 30% open rate and 8% response rate:


Hey {{first name}},

I came across your article below while doing research on Google for customer service. Love the article!


I’d like to promote it to our X+ customers in one of our next newsletters, but there’s a broken link in it that leads to an error page. Any chance you can fix the link so that we could promote it?

The broken link is here:

{{broken link}}

We have an article on a similar topic on blog for you to replace the broken link with, would it be OK to send it over to you so you can replace the broken link?

I have been writing on this topic for a while and my articles have also appeared in .



Choosing Articles For Broken Link Building

It’s important to do some research to figure out exactly which topic would yield most broken links out there. Here is how to do the research:


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Broken Link Outreach Process

The process of broken link building is very simple:

  1. Identify a piece of content you want to build links to on your blog/website
  2. Write down two or three keywords associated with your target from the step above
  3. Go to JustReachOut and enter those keywords into our tool
  4. Let our bots crawl Google and read each and every article and result ranking on page 1 of search results, page 2, etc.
  5. Once we find a broken link we’ll display it in the report along with the email address
  6. You can use our tool to put together and send out your campaign right from the same interface
  7. The emails will go out from your Gmail account which you integrate with JustReachOut
  8. Use Google docs or a note taking app like Notion to record which broken link email template got higher conversion rate

Over to you! Would love your feedback, leave a comment below.


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Written by Dmitry Dragilev
I'm the founder of JustReachOut.io which helps 5,000+ small businesses and entrepreneurs pitch press and get exposure daily without any help from PR firms.

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