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Announcing AI for PR Integration and a Change In Our Pricing

Introducing Game-Changing AI for PR Outreach Today we made a game-changing update to JustReachOut. We have built AI into our platform to make establishing relationships with journalists faster and easier than it has ever been. If you’ve ever done PR outreach you know how long it takes to find a journalist, read some of...

How To Integrate Gmail with JustReachOut

We receive a number of questions about Gmail integration recently and so we wanted to post a quick guide on how to integrate Gmail with JustReachOut. Here is a detailed walk through on how to do this. The first step is to make sure you're logged in to JustReachOut and to navigate over to ...

PR Outreach In 2023: Battle-Tested Templates, Tools & Tips

Send killer media pitches with JustReachOut and land media placements. Try our PR outreach tools for free. Let's start the article by defining: What is 'PR outreach'? I think you'll agree with me when I say: There are few things more confusing for entrepreneurs than press outreach. I’ve seen this first-hand: even seasoned...

How To Write The Perfect Guest Post Pitch – Email Template With Examples

If you're like me, you get a hundred emails a day that sound something like this: Greetings for the day! I love your blog content. I would love to write a guest blog post for your blog. Here are some ideas I could write about. Why Some Businesses Fail How To Reduce Churn On Your Subscription Business Another Blog Post...

25 Top PR Tools You Must Try 2023 [Tested & Compared]

Looking for the best PR tools? Look no further. We spent the last six months testing hundreds of tools to bring you the top 25 PR tools. These will help you pitch relevant journalists, and generate backlinks, effortlessly and successfully. Whether you want an alternative to Help a Reporter or just need to get your PR game...
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